Concealer with staying power! 18 hours wear for total blemish cover. This long lasting creamy formulation gives full coverage and a flawless finish.

Today’s post will be a quickie tipp for all Boots shoppers out there (did you know they ship internationally now…):

A mighty fine, really light concealer!

I’ve been writing about concealers quite a bit in the past and I actually have found a trusty one in the Maybelline Age Rewind for any undereye issues. Despite that, I made it a habit to check the shelves on the high street on the hunt of more light coloured concealers with nice textures. This one I’ve shown in my last Tops & Flops post before.

Although I tend to use creamy camouflage type of concealers on spots and redness, I like to grab a liquid concealer on “dry days” to take care of the redness around my nose. Liquid concealers though, in the right shade and coverage, can do the undereye job as well in one go.

And – as you might already assume – this concealer by Seventeen is one of these allrounder products! I still am always sort of astonished when i find a really light shade in face products, this one named “extra fair” (!) I just had to get.

17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair

Seventeen Stay Time extra fair • Collection Lasting Perfection FairiQ Concealer IvoryRimmel Match Perfection IvoryMaybelline Age Rewind Fair

As you can see from the swatch Stay Time is a great, light match for my skin. The undertone is pretty neutral as well. It is not as light as one of my favourites, the iQ one, but works great in cancelling out any darkness, more so than highlighting the undereye area. In comparison I find the Stay Time concealer thinner in consistency than the Lasting Perfection by collection.

Personally, I really like using it on the face and/or on days I don’t wear any foundation at all and just balance out my skintone and set it with some powder. The coverage is just about right, medium I’d say, while I really need to mention that it works even better if you let it cook on the skin for a bit. Blending it in after that makes it easier to layer as well.

For pictures I applied it on my undereye circles – because really, who would want to see my red nostrils up close 😉 As mentioned on the blog before my circles aren’t that deep but sleep deprivation makes them appear darker after all.

17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair17 Stay time Concealer Extra Fair

Looking at the pictures myself now I am actually even more impressed by the result. Setting it with powder makes the concealer stay put for your average day just fine, no creasing or fading. I find the texture smooth and nice for applying it on the delicate skin around your eyes, not at all dragging or splotchy.

This Seventeen Stay Time concealer made itself rather comfortable in my daily routine by now. Since Boots is now shipping internationally I don’t feel so guilty praising a product from one of their own brands anymore 😉


  • liquidy-light texture, stays semi matte
  • barely oxidises
  • pretty neutral in scent
  • 3 shades available (extra fair, fair, medium)
  • medium coverage
  • 7ml
  • £4.49 at Boots
  • made in Thailand
  • sadly no incis on the boots homepage and I think they were printed on the hygiene sticker on the product :/

Did you order at Boots yet? Are you familiar with the Seveneteen brand? Do you tend to use liquid or creamy concealers? Which ones?



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Ha! Super Tipp! Den muss ich unbedingt einsacken, wenn ich in einem Monat in London bin.
Falls du noch mehr Shoppingtipps hast – her damit! 😉


Oh nein, jetzt versendet Boots auch noch zu uns… mein Konto wird weinen.


Na da hast du mich ja glatt mal angefixt. Eigentlich wollte ich ja noch warten mit der ersten Boots-Bestellung 😀 Habe auch immer das Problem, dass die Concealer nie hell genug sind, sicher nicht um zu highlighten oder einen ‘brightening-effect’ zu erzeugen. Danke für den Tipp !!


oh ja, helle concealer.. also auf mir entwickeln sich die maybelline löscher immer sehr dunkel. ich bin bei p2 hängen geblieben, da bin ich momebtan ziemlich zufrieden mit.
noch eine frage: kann man das einstellen, dass der englische text erst nach eunem klick sichtbar wird oder erst nach dem deutschen kommt? ich persönlich finde es ziemlich “nervig” immer so weit runterzuscrollen, den anfang vom deutschen zu suchen und schon vorher mit den bilder gespoilert zu werden.. nur als als leser-hinweis 😀


@KathrinHöhö, falls wir uns doch nicht sehen sollten, schreib ich dir all die Geheimtipps haha.


@PietziWenn man einige Produkte beisammen hat, zahlt es sich doch auch schon mal aus 😉


@beautyLoverGerne 😉


@AnonymIch nehme an, du besuchst den Blog auf dem Smartphone?
Auf einem Desktop muss man nur abwarten, bis die Seite geladen hat und die Buttons funktionieren.

Ich habe jetzt das Mobile Theme umgestellt – ist jetzt nicht mehr so übersichtlich, aber die Buttons funktionieren 😉


das ging ja flott, ja so gefällt es mir um einiges besser, was das englische angeht! hast du gut gemacht 🙂


@AnonymGerne, wollte es schon öfter umstellen, aber ich wollte vermeiden, dass man sich über das nicht mehr so schlanke mobile Design beschwert :))

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