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8 new Zoeva brushes

Elegance meets expertise. With our 8 new ZOEVA brushes, we extend our brush range to a portfolio of 50 professional makeup tools. Every ZOEVA brush is traditionally handmade by specially skilled brush masters. Each ZOEVA brush passes a manufacturing process of over 30 working steps. With its handle made of genuine wood and six layers of lacquer, a luxuriously shiny brass ferrule and finest natural and synthetic hair, a ZOEVA brush is a jewel on every makeup table.
Designed with passion and handmade with love. For the uniqueness and the confidence of every woman

New Zoeva Brushes

As you probably have seen on other blogs before Christmas, our favourite brush vendor is releasing 8 new single brushes!

These mostly are vegan/synthetic versions of brushes that already exist in the product range, like the contour brush “Face Paint Vegan”.


New Zoeva Brushes Face

107 Powder Polish • 16,80€

Zoeva Powder Polish

The ZOEVA Powder Polish brush is a large, luxurious powder foundation brush, ideal for the
professional application of loose and pressed face products. The dome shaped, dense taklon
hair applies the product easily and evenly. Polished finish in a flash.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right So far I’ve only tried it with translucent powder. It is incredibly soft and due to its large, dense surface it applies powder foundation very smoothly and evenly, sort of mega-buffering.

109 Face Paint Vegan • 12,80€

Zoeva Face Paint Vegan

With our ZOEVA Face Paint Vegan you can apply all liquid and cream contour products
effortlessly. The soft vegan taklon hair picks up and applies the color evenly. The unique flat
and square design creates the illusion of an actual shadow.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right I am glad I waited to order the original Face Paint (natural bristles)! As you probably know, I love my Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow to contour – as you know, creamy textures are best worked with with synthetic bristles. Which is right: This brush can pick up the product as well as blend creams that had been applied with fingers – the shape is perfect (and not as expensive as the famous NARS sister!)

112 Face Curve • 12,80€

112 Zoeva Face Curve

Go for a flat, curved foundation brush and experience a super easy and comfortable makeup
routine. With the 112 Face Curve ZOEVA revolutionises the classic foundation tool, with an
innovative twist. The pointed yet curved shape and the soft vegan taklon hair adapts to every
area of your face.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right Right away: I barely get along with the classic flat foundation brush, which is probably why I have not tested this brush with foundation yet. I really liked it with concealer, especially around the eye area, the triangular shape makes it super easy to clean up around the eyes as well.

114 Luxe Face Focus • 12,80€

Zoeva 114 Luxe Face Focus

Our Luxe Face Focus is a flat, flame shaped highlighter brush with the softest
natural-synthetic hair mix. Due to its handy size it is a great tool for selective touch ups and
setting makeup with powder under the eye area.

 icon-arrow-circle-o-right Next to the already available Luxe Highlight Brush – see pics further down – this is the second dedicated brush to achieve the perfect glow. Unlike the Luxe Highlight the Luxe Face Focus’ ferrule is flat with a pointier tip. I think, choosing between them is just up to personal preferences. I like to use the Luxe Highlight brush for highlighting as well as contouring, but I can imagine to reserve the Luxe Highlight brush for powder highlighters.

129 Luxe Fan • 10,80€

Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan

The ZOEVA Luxe Fan is a multifunctional tool for the application of highlighter, blush and
bronzer. Ideal to brush away eyeshadow fall out. The dreamy soft natural-synthetic hair mix
caresses your face and delivers a natural finish with all powder products. Join the fan club!

icon-arrow-circle-o-right A fan brush. There really is not much more to say, apart from: I can finally get rid of my old scratchy no-name brush. This one is denser, softer and just good quality. I like to use fan brushes for subtle highlighting or removing any fallout.

I have compared brushes which I own in similar shapes and cuts here. In the slideshow: Silk Finish Brush, Luxe Highlight. Click the arrows.

  • Zoeva Face Curve
  • Zoeva powder polish
  • Zoeva Face Paint Vegan
  • Zoeva Luxe Face Focus


New Zoeva brushes

220 Luxe Grand Shader • 8,80€

Zoeva 220 Luxe Grand Shader

A luxuriously fluffy shader brush with an exquisite natural-synthetic hair mix. Ideal for
applying all powder eyeshadow products in one stroke. The most luxurious shader brush.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right Wow, what a brush! Surely already too big as an eyeshadow brush for some. I am lucky enough to have a large lidspace, and for a “wash of colour” looks, or putting down a light base shadow, this is ideal. The Luxe Grand Shader is incredibly fluffy and can blend the crease as well as harsh edges. I compared it with the Luxe Smoky Shader here – the difference in size is huge!

325 Luxe Brow Light • 7,80€

Zoeva 325 Luxe Brow Light

A highlighted brow bone flatters the contours of your eyes and accentuates the brows.
Made of finest natural-synthetic hair, the ZOEVA Luxe Brow Light is the perfect tool to apply
powder highlighter or powder eyeshadow evenly and layerable underneath the entire brow
area. The round shape suits the contours of your brows perfectly.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right Love at first sight! As you can see on the picture, I have been using an old essence brush – I always “highlight” underneath my eyebrows,usually using a Brow Highlight Pen. So it’s looking natural, non shimmery and draws a cleaner line under the brow without concealer (I often find this too cakey). The brush is lovely, I am very happy this cut got picked up for the product range!

310 Spot Liner • 6,80€

Zoeva 310 Spot Liner

Our ZOEVA Spot Liner might be the smallest brush you have ever seen. Tiny yet effective this
eyeliner brush was designed to visually thicken your lash line with eyeliner or eyeshadow.
An hommage to our love of detail.

icon-arrow-circle-o-right I think, this is indeed the tiniest brush I have ever seen! It is finer than the brushes that come with Maybelline Gel Eyeliners and way smaller than the  Zoeva Wing Liner. Size = control. Due to the short bristles the brush is rather stiff, not hard though. I tried it both for Tightlining and eyeliner – unexpectedly nice for gel liners!

Personally, I find two of the new brushes most interesting that probably won’t catch anyone’s eye right away.

On the one hand “the smallest brush ever”, on the other hand I especially like the Luxe Brow Highlight Brush.

The Spot Liner Brush is obviously a very special brush. A brush this fine is pretty much new to the European mainstream brush land. And it is obviously not just intended for the perfect Winged Eyeliner, the actual purpose of any eyeliner is to make the lashes appear fuller, the eyes bigger. And that’s exactly where the Spot Liner comes in handy: This brush makes thickening up the lashes super easy – on the lid as well as the tightline with both shadow or gel liner.

Precision on a different level!

The second brush, thev Luxe Brow Highlight, is intended for blending the brow highlight. A very specific purpose – due to its shape and size it is perfect for it though. As mentioned I had been using an old duo brush for years – this one is nicer to store upright as well.

A brush with such specific purposes is not for everyone, most people surely don’t need an extra brush for highlighting underneath the eyebrows! However, I must say that the straight cut is also great for smoking out the lashline, it’s fluffy but also stiffer than a regular eyeshadow brush.

All brushes shown are already available in the Online Shop.

8 new Zoeva brushes: Is there a cut you have been waiting for – like me and the brow highlight? What brush cut are you still waiting for?



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Interessant aber den Face Paint gibt es ja schon [nur nicht vegan] und der Brow light sieht dem Smudger von Zoeva schon recht ähnlich.[den nutze ich immer für das Brauen Highlight]
Den Face Curve finde ich sehr interessant.
Ich fände es ja extrem grandios wenn es so ein Silikonteil gäbe wie es am Pushup Liner von Benefit dran ist. Die Form ist nämlich super, auch die von dem L’oreal Dupe aber manchmal wäre es mir doch lieber wenn ich das Produkt, mit welchem ich die Spitze verwende, selbst aussuchen könnte und nicht gebunden wäre.


Oh, wie toll! Insbesondere der Face Paint Brush lacht mich an, so einen ähnlichen Pinsel gibt es ja schon bei Illamasqua und der soll großartig sein. Mit um die 35€ ist der aber leider kein Schnäppchen, aber bei Zoeva greife ich gern zu 🙂
Isadonna recently posted…3x knallige Lippen für jeden Tag.My Profile


Mein allererstes Pinselset ist von Zoeva gewesen, und nach 5 Jahren ist alles noch in einem super Zustand. Der Tightliner hört sich spannend an.
LindaLibraLoca recently posted…Inspired by Guerlain Les Tendres Collection Spring 2015My Profile


Oh wie genial!!!!

Mit dem “alten” Face Paint Pinsel aus Naturhaarborsten liebäugel ich auch schon des längerem.
Allgemein gefallen mir die Syntetischen Pinsel von Zoeva aber um einiges besser, weswegen ich mit der Bestellung immer gewartet habe.
Jetzt, wo es diesen Pinsel auch in syntetischer Form gibt, werde ich ihn mir auf jeden Fall zulegen!

Vielen Dank für die tolle Review und den Tipp 🙂

GLG Ramona
Ramona recently posted…PREVIEW: Limited Edition “Pocket me” von RdeL YoungMy Profile


Ich habe mir vor ein paar Monaten Augenspinsel von Zoeva bestellt und bin sehr zufrieden, muss mir unbedingt noch einige für das Gesicht holen. Die neuen Pinsel sehen gut aus:)
LasheswithMascara recently posted…Aufgebraucht #1 – EmptiesMy Profile


Auf alle Fälle! Ich benutze einige meiner Gesichtspinsel schon fast 4 Jahre, da sind echte Perlen dabei.


Ein wunderschönes Set!
Barbara recently posted…Zuckerlrosa im Zoo {Outfit}My Profile


Mich interessiert am meisten der Fan-Brush. Einfach weil ich auch nur einen alten, borstigen, zuhause habe und ich mich diesen sehr gefreut habe.


Unbedingt, ist wie 100 zu 1 – weich und viel dichter.


Ich habe mittlerweile nur noch Zoeva Pinsel (abgesehen vom 217er von MAC), finde die qualitativ echt super und werde mir von den neuen Pinsel mal den Powder Polish genauer ansehen, man kann nie genug Puderpinsel haben 🙂
kirschbluetenschnee recently posted…Lieblinge 2014: Dekorative KosmetikMy Profile


Der Pinsel ist wirklich besonders – so groß und dicht! Fast wie ein Kabuki mit Stiel 🙂


Wow, das Set sieht echt klasse aus… sind aber auch gute Fotos, Kompliment! 🙂


Das ist es in der Tat, hoffentlich gibt’s bald wieder eine Rabatt Aktion oä bei Zoeva. Oder Douglas. Ich möcht mir ja selbst gern einige Pinsel (nach)bestellen.


Coole Fotos, Bei Douglas aktuell bei uns zu haben :thumbsup:

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