I must admit I usually watch OPI Collections more closely than I should. Despite having lotsa few OPIs in my collections I still need to sdlap myself on the wrist ever so often since the German/Austrian prices are literally worth thinking about… #greenwithenvyofUSA

Therefore, I honestly consider myself lucky to be sent some colours of each new Limited Edition by PR. I was finally able to pick up the samples of the last/most recent two collections at home and also painted them on my mutilatedgorgeous natural nails to get some decent swatches for you.

Even though a standard OPI bottle contains an almost ridiculous amount of 15ml (=half a foundation bottle size!), the usual price of about 15-17€ are no joke. amazon usually offers most colours at about 12€, which is closer to what an essie of 15ml would cost, for example (comparison, dm/Müller standard sized bottle prices)

OPI 15ml • 15,99€
10ml • 10,66€
essie 13,5ml • 9,95€
10ml • 7,37€
China Glaze 14ml • 6,99€
10ml • 4,99€
L’Oréal 5ml • 5,95€
10ml • 11,90€
Manhattan 11ml • 4,45€
10ml • 4,05€
Catrice 10ml • 2,95€

About the brushes, though, I don’t think I need to mention anything at all. OPI brushes are usually cut pretty  decently, hence useable. The bottle design is the same with every line or edition, but I guess that’s common knowledge by now. 😉


This collection consists of a colourful mix of about as many finishes as shades, there are 12 colours from cream to metallic and glitter finishes.

OPI Hawaii Collection

The three colours I got are almost exactly the ones I would’ve picked myself – all shades can be viewed applied on different skintones on the OPI website. Personally, I really like the look of the purple tones in the collection but looking into my collection drawers my need for purple nail polishes was probably saturated about 12 years ago. 

That’s Hula-Rious!

OPI Hawaii Collection That's Hula-rious!

Most certainly one of the most popular shades of the collection, since springtime gets everybody hot for mint-coral. And yes, I admit it: I, too, love me some good mint in the warmer spring weather. That’s Hula-Rious has already been my favourite product of the week last week: If one of my nails (the nail. Not the polish… :doh: ) hadn’t chipped yesterday I would most likely still be sporting this polish on its 8th day of wear! The remaining nails showed only minor tip wear, so I can actually state it lasted a full week – just playing into my mani-lazy hands #punintended. I am quite curious myself to see how long  This Color’s Making Waves will last since it’s a very different finish.

  • Finish: Cream
  • Consistency: Nice thick-ish, no cuticle flooding
  • Application: Perfect
  • Opacity: Opaque with two coats

Just Lanai-ing Around

OPI Hawaii Collection Just Lanai-ing Around

Mh, it’s tougher to be objective with this one: I like Just Lanai-ing Around as a colour itself, a saturated antique pink looks sophisticated most of the time, I feel. Due to the silver hue in it you possibly have read about it as a “grandma shade” before, and I do understand it. What does that tell you about me when I like it either way?! Ahem.

The slight bumpiness in the pictures derives from my the awesome state my nails are in (moo), but I have to mention this one did not apply as smoothly or shiny as That’s Hula-Rious, even on a nail stick.

  • Finish: Embedded shimmer (new finish creation, yeah!)
  • Consistency: More liquid, flooding possible
  • Application: More challenging
  • Opacity: Opaque with two coats

This Color’s Making Waves

OPI Hawaii Collection That Color's Making Waves

I have to say I spent the first few minutes with This Color’s Making Waves just admiringstaring at its complexiy in the bottle. And hoping it just looks half as gorgeously multidimensional on the nails.

It did fall short of my expectations – just a bit. Looking at the macro further down you can grasp how complex this nail varnish would be. However, I was positively surprised that it’s not as sheer as I expecte, it is opaque in just under 3 coats! And here I had been ready to sort it in under “effect toppers”. I am really curious to see how well it wears.

Edit: Okay, after applying it again, properly this time with base and top coat I have to eat my own words and say it does come fairly close to the look in the bottle! Not streaky and you can see those tiny flakes in gold/pink including the faint purple duochrome shimmer on the nails. A good base works wonders!

  • Finish: Shimmer-Sparkle
  • Consistency: Nice, more liquid than That’s Hula-Rious but no flooding
  • Application: Slightly streaky
  • Opacity: Opaque with ~3 thin coats

OPI Hawaii Collection 2015

Shop at

Douglas amazon.de

Soft Shades

Every year OPI releases a few new “Soft Shades”, which are surprisingly! all fairly elegant, sheer, soft shades. This year there are two new pretty effect toppers in the collection as well:

OPI Soft Shades 2015

Put It In Neutral

OPI Soft Shades 2015 Put it in Neutral

Honestly, this colour will not leave a “special” mark in our beauty-directed brains. It is a sheer cream with a powder pink tint, hence no nail polish revelation. I like it anyhow. It looks polished without attracting attentation to your nails, it matches everything and every situation and conceals any nail imperfections. I do not speak from experience. Nope. Not me.

The lasting power is fantastic (about 7 days), but you can’t really see the tip wear anyway.

  • Finish: Sheer Cream
  • Consistency: Nice, no flooding
  • Application: Perfect
  • Opacity: Sheer with 2 coats

Petal Soft & Make Light Of The Situation

OPI Soft Shades 2015 Petal Soft

The Petal Soft Topper surely is the 2015 Soft Shades Collection’s highlight. The fair pink particles with white flowers is basically spring in a bottle. As beautiful as it looks – and it does, that from me, the most un-pink girl ever – so annoying it can be applied. It worked out fine for me, however, the flowers are pretty thick and stiff, I can imagine people with very narrow or curved nail beds could easily get frustrated here. Too big glitter tends to lift off the nail, I just pick at it until the manicure is ruined…

As said, it worked pretty well for me, but I’ve only applied it on ringfinger and thumb as accents. I have read about “annoying fishing” for the flowers but I can’t really relate. With just two coats I got 2-3 flowers per nail. This topper is available by other brands too, for example Formula X Cherry Blossom (ca. $13) or new at bd trade secrets Daisy Days (ca. £4).

  • Finish: Glitter effect
  • Consistency: Nice, no flooding, dense flower particles
  • Application: Easy
  • Opacity: Not relevant

If it wasn’t for Petal Soft the upstager, Make Light of The Situation surely would be the collection’s hero. Possibly not too obviously special it looks fab on an accent nail. It was part of my world record mani with That’s Hula-Rious and even got me compliments from strangers, take that! 

Applies surprisingly “opaque”, the larger holo particles lie flat on the nail.

  • Finish: Glitter with holo
  • Consistency: Thick-ish, no flooding
  • Application: Perfect
  • Opacity: Possibly opaque with 3-4 coats

OPI Soft Shades 2015

Shop at


I would definitely recommend That’s Hula-Rious. Regarding the rest of the shown colours you’d either like the effect or suffer inexplainable elegant-sheer nail polish shortage.

Are the shades on your wishlist? Maybe bought them already? Are you “attracted” to OPI collections? Is essie’s 10€ price tag your limit? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on this!


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Ich würde OPI vermutlich lieber mögen, wenn sie meine Anfrage nach Pressematerial (und ich meine damit nur Infos, nicht mal Samples :D) nicht einfach ignoriert hätten. *schulterzuck* 😀
Den Preis von 16€ in D finde ich auch noch hochgradig lächerlich… in den USA kosten die vielleicht 8$; wie hier 16€ draus werden (der Kurs ist zwar momentan mies, aber das war er ja auch nicht immer) muss mir erst mal einer erklären.
Letztlich finde ich aber vor allem auch die Farben nicht mehr so spannend. Bei den Soft Shades interessiert mich einzig Make Light Of The Situation… der ist so schick. *_* Aber auch den muss ich nicht haben und werde ihn vielleicht mal mitnehmen, wenn ich ihn irgendwo für umme bekommen kann. 😀
Mit der OPI Textur und dem Pinsel komme ich aber auch nicht sonderlich gut klar. Ich finde ihn zu starr und die Textur zu flüssig. Das wird bei meinen Nägeln einfach nicht gleichmäßig. Hmpf. Deswegen habe ich mir viele Käufe auch einfach abgewöhnt…
Rea recently posted…ColourAlike – 510My Profile


Würde ich noch Nagellack verwenden, wäre “This Color’s Making Waves” ziemlich weit oben auf der Wunschliste.
Leider, leider, leider bin ich Abstinenzlerin, weil meine Fingernägel ganz fies splittern, sobald der Lack runter ist. Deswegen gibt es nur noch im Sommer welchen auf den Zehen. (Die Zehennägel splittern nämlich nicht. Sauerei.)


Ach herrje, wirklich? Obwohl meine Nägel auch immer wieder splittern, habe ich das Gefühl, dass es ohne Lack noch schlimmer wird…du hast mein Beileid 😀 Der Lack ist nämlich wirklich wunderschön, schade 🙂


den Petal Soft Topper finde ich sagenhaft !
leider kaufe ich von OPI generell nur die Miniaturen, da die regulären sooo viel Produkt enthalten,dass ich die niemals aufbrauchen werde,aber ich vermute mal stark, dass es den Topper nicht in klein gibt ? *schnief*


Mh, es gibt zwar ein Mini-Set, aber der Topper ist da leider nicht dabei 🙁 Vielleicht ist einer der Dupes beesser? Der Lack von bd ist zumindest weit günstiger.


Die Hawaii Kollektion hat mich besonders angesprochen und ich habe mir auch zwei Lacke davon gekauft. Ansonsten kaufe ich selten bis gar nie OPI Lacke. Sie sind mir einfach zu teuer und bisher war nie eine Farbe dabei (ausser Jade is the new black) die ich unbedingt haben musste.


Ich mag OPIs, zwar nicht so gern wie Essie, aber gleich dahinter. Allerdings weigere ich mich, 16€ für einen Nagellack zu zahlen, das ist mir einfach zu viel Geld. Zwar ist in den letzten Jahren meine Schmerzgrenze, was Kosten für Kosmetikprodukte angeht, rasant gefallen, aber diesen Preis sehe ich trotzdem nicht ein – gerade, weil in den USA die Lacke so viel günstiger sind. Insofern besitze ich auch keinen einizigen Lack zum Normalpreis sondern bestelle über Amazon, da sind die nämlich häufig günstiger, bei b4f-Aktionen oder lasse sie mir aus den USA mitbringen. Manchmal macht man auch bei TK Maxx ganz gute Schnäppchen, sodass meine Sammlung mittlerweile doch recht groß ist.
Aus der hawai Kollektion habe ich mir den mintfarbenen Lack zugelegt, weil ich wirklich schon ewig auf der Suche nach einem Farbton war, nun hat die Suche endlich ein Ende 🙂
Anela recently posted…Cherry BlossomsMy Profile


Da hast du Recht! Ich finde, auch bei einer so großen Menge, sind 16€ wirklich gutes Geld für eine Farbe an Nagellack. Vielleicht würde ich das für mein “Lieblingsnude” oä ausgeben, das ich immer wieder benutze, da die OPIs wirklich gut an mir halten. Aber für “einfach mal so” – ich versteh das gut, besonders bei Nagellack, den man relativ oft wechselt…ein Großteil meiner Sammlung stammt übrigens auch aus Abverkäufen oder TK Maxx haha.

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