After being almost unbelievably on time – as if I had had it prepared! (I hadn’t…) – with my April Beauty favourites I finally managed to actually do my Laptop reset (been dragging out long enough) and sort of missed that this months’ Nachgeschminkt Look actually was due end of April. Surprisingly enough.


Well, never mind me. I had completely overlooked it but watched the video the look had to be based on on Monday anyway – and even tried my luck with it, since the combination of Taupe and Burgundy seemed pretty much perfect for me. The pictures were already taken, so I might as well blog! Jaclyn Hill is probably known by pretty much anyone interested in beauty videos on Youtube nowadays, and yes, I did like her at the beginning, I am talking back in the 30k subs days, due to her obvious make up artist skills and experience, especially regarding smokey eyes. Nowadays, though, I find her a bit too “american” fake-excited, even though she undeniably still delivers excellent looks. /Sidenote Her technique to prep almost every single look with relatively warm, matte shadows in the crease usually pays off every time: It always looks flawless and perfectly blended

Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

My “most wearable smokey eye” is not even half as dark and smokey as the original version. I assume the reason lies in my incapability/unwillingness to smoke out the lower lash line like a racoon. I know it usually looks fab on pictures but due to very practical-real-life-smudge-reasons I can not warm up to this, ever. The undereye area tends to get darker during the day anyway, no need to blend really…

Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

However, I – most arrogantly – must admit that I enjoy the result of taupe with pur-gundy a lot, I sure will remember this combination for future days of complete idea voids!

  • Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill
  • Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill
  • Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill
  • Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill
  • Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

Products used

Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

Since the video explains all steps in full detail, I won’t. I just followed what Jaclyn did in crazy high speed and used shades and products I deemed similar enough. I think Al Burgundy is a nice dupe to MAC Sketch, even though it’s a Satin finish and almost too purple when blended which is why I also used What A Way To Go of the Make Up Revolution palette.

alverde Glam Mauve

Once again I am wondering what on earth was going on with alverde discontinuing an eyeshadow like Glam Mauve! Even with 32134 other shadows I still think it was possibly the best eyeshadow overall in the drugstore! Perfect matches-every-skintone colour, pigmented and soft but not chalky…cruel to a beauty lovers heart to take this gem off the market. #dramaqueen

Most Wearable Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

Many more interpretations of – ahem – punctual participants are online on Kat’s blog. Which is where you can find the most recent “nachgeschminkt” inspriation until the end of May as well, you can send in your pictures to Der blasse Schimmer!

Well then, do you “interpret” tutorials? Be it bloggers or youtubers – do you follow tutorials or just take pleasure in watching (guilty as charged…shh)? I am curious to see the next results: One tutorial, thousands of interpretations!


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Ich schminke ab und zu mal nach, aber meistens nehme ich eher Inspiration und wandel dann ab.
Außer bei Special Effect Make-Ups, da schminke ich dann meistens wirklich nach zum Üben ^^
Julia recently posted…Snake Content #1 // beinloses UpdateMy Profile


Haha, ich glaube, das ist bei mir genau umgekehrt – Looks inspirieren mich durchaus mal, SFX schaue ich wirklich nur aus reiner Faszination an der Kunst :thumbsup:


Das einer der besten Umsetzungen des Looks!
Sieht richtig toll an dir aus!
Und ich finde es Smokey genug 😉

Ich schminke ab und an auch mal Looks nach.
Heute gibt es tatsächlich auch einen nachgeschminkten Look von Sandra Holmborn.
Aber ich muss auch noch gaaanz viel üben 😉
Julia recently posted…Purple my week #3 – Smoked Purple LinerMy Profile


Ich bin leidenschaftlicher “Nachschminker”. Aber da hat mich auch eben die Blogserie “Nachgeschminkt” und dein “Sultry Thursday” drauf gebracht. Sonst hätte ich mich das wahrscheinlich gar nicht getraut 😎 . Also auch ein Danke an dich!
Bei dir sieht der Look perfekt aus… Drama und so schön verblendet, aber nicht so DramaDrama-Dunkel… du weißt hoffentlich was ich meine!
Liebe Grüße,
Liz MiniMe recently posted…Nachgeschminkt – tragbare Smokey EyesMy Profile


Toll, dass Du noch mitgemacht hast! Und der Look ist wirklich schön geworden! Immer wieder auch spannend, alternative Produkte für ähnliche Ergebnisse zu sehen oder wie anderes doch jeder interpretiert! GAAANZ toll geworden und steht Dir hervorragend… ist schon was dran, dass Taupe/Mauve scheinbar für jede Augenfarbe funktioniert. Genial zu sehen! – Und schön geschminkt!
Shelynx recently posted…Favoriten April 2015My Profile


Oh, du findest Al Burgundy verblendet zu violett? Ich hab das bei mir irgendwie kaum noch gesehen und das war dann irgendwie alles so …bräunlich ^^ mit eher nem hauch violett. Aber ich finde den Look unheimlich schön an dir ^.^ also ich muss sagen, Jaclyn Hill war mir halt ein Begriff, aber da ich kaum Videos gucke kannte ich keine von ihr ^^” finde ihren Stil total schön, aber gebe dir recht,es wirkt doch ein bisschen fake aufgedreht ^^ aber egal, schöne Looks!

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