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There’s no stopping for the brains behind Make Up Revolution. Next to the highly successful MUR brand there also is the latest addition of “Freedom Make Up”, a brand advertised to “professional Make Up Artists”. We common people can shop there too, obviously, licensed MUAs do receive a special discount, however.

Which is very sensible, since the products cost ridiculous amounts of £1-10…

To be honest with you I do believe that these products are basically nothing else but repackaged Make Up Revolution items, however, something new and very interesting is the quite extensive eyebrow bar: Next to cute duo powders Freedom also carries the very hyped up pomade!

My personal affection for eyebrows should not surprise anybody anymore. I am glad to announce I could finally try this pomade texture without the horrendous price tag/international shipping rip-off of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Yay, go me.

Freedom Make Up Haul Brow Products

Brow liner, or Pomades, are much simpler to use and enjoyable on the brows than I would have ever thought.

Bascially, it’s a gel liner for brows. 

With the same big advantage of intense wear time: Applying a tiny amount of the pomade as base, setted with brow powder, your eyebrows will even survive sweaty workouts well defined. Even though you can definitely use pomades to achieve a more naturally filled in brow. The texture does not dictate how painted on the brows will look at all, it all comes down to the brush, shade and amount you are using.

Freedom Brow Pomade Swatches

I like to use pomades when I want to really define my brows. Actual filling in/setting the brow is done by powders, and Freedoms Duo Powders come in as many corresponding shades as the pomades. I only bought two shades of these, however, Taupe and Soft Brown, since I am still hung up on the Artdeco powders.

Freedom Make Up Haul Brow Products

Besides, this contour palette was the real reason to finally order from Freedom after all: I have been quite outspoken regarding these huge, 8 to 10 pan contour palettes that are very en vogue right now, frankly because I can’t see myself using 4 different shades of contour every morning! Yes, yes, they are useful to mix and match your perfect shade etc, but still.

99% of the time I do not have time to faff, why have a large palette hogging space then? 

Freedom Make Up Pro Powder Strobe Palette with Brush

But…there’s always a but…contouring and highlighting just are very attractive and I couldn’t resist after all, even though I have quite a few shades and products already. Which I am quite fond of!

So, I went on buying this – quite blatant dupe of LORAC Pro Powder Strobe Palette with Brush (!) instead of giving in to the hypes of palettes like NYX or Make Up Revolution: It contains not one but two matte highlighting powders, one non-chunky shimmer, and three completely matte brown shades. Two of which are more on the cool side, the larger ne I personally use as bronzer. In my humble opinion a pretty perfect palette. I dare say even the shimmer powder is pretty decent, even though I personally prefer highlighters that lean more towards the champagne side. And that is it! My only point of criticism!  Both matte highlighters are great for setting areas in the centre of the face and the contour powders are great for pale skin. The lightest contour shade is very subtle on my skin, creating a natural depth. Even the bronzer surprised me positively – it’s not orange when blended and buttery soft.

All this AND a nicely shaped contour brush for just £10. And if you’d want to try cream contouring, Freedom offers the same palette in cream texture as well.

Freedom Make Up Haul

I do plan on comparen this palette with some more known and beloved cool contour powders like NYX Taupe, which is leaving the product range after all now.

Due to “if I spend another fiver I am going to save 3 quid of delivery!”-reason (you know) more than anything I also ordered the Pro Vamp Noir Lipstick Collection. The dark shades turned out to be especially nice! I have worn Vamp Noir, however blotted, and it lasted the whole day on my lips. I would have never expected anything like this from a lipstick that is not advertised as long wearing or matte.

Intense Noir // Dark Paradise // Dusk Till Dawn // Vamp Noir // Pure Vamp

Freedom Make Up Pro Vamp Noir Lipstick EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION

Worth a mention: The Brush Bath works astonishingly well! Another spontaneous purchase and I do like it a lot. The jar is fairly large, it foams up nicely and cleans all sors of brushes quickly and thoroughly without leaving them feeling crisp. You don’t even use up a lot of product, definitely an alternative to my beloved  Dr. Bronner Magic Soap.

It turns out that I am quite happy with all the products. Do you see anything in their product range you are interested in? →


How do you like th look of these Freedom Make Up products?


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Sieht sehr interessant aus. Ich hatte mir bisher nur einmal bei kosmetik4less aus interesse eine kleine Lidschattenpalette mitbestellt. Aber auf die anderen Produkte bin ich noch gar nicht aufmerksam geworden. Mich würden auch die Pomaden und die Kontur Palette reizen. Ich hoffe dazu kommen noch Vergleiche 🙂
Maike recently posted…Weiße FastnachtMy Profile


Na aber gerne! 😉


Die Produkte sehen ja wirklich super spannend aus. Da muss ich auf jeden Fall mal einen genaueren Blick drauf werfen. Richtig toller Post. Sehr informativ und gut geschrieben. :smirk:


Freedom schlägt halt genau in die selbe Kerbe wie MUA oder MUR, hat aber einige sehr interessante Produkte im Sortiment, die andere nicht haben.


Ich kannte die Marke bis jetzt nicht. Den Konturpinsel finde ich spannend und natürlich auch die Brauengels. Aber ich glaube da werden mir die Farben nicht passen. Trotzdem sehr interessant.


Insgesamt gibt es 11 Nuancen, ich glaube, da findest fast jeder eine passende Farbe!


Oh, die Produkte hören sich ja wirklich richtig spannend an! Da werde ich auch gleich mal stöbern gehen 😀 Lieben Dank für den Tipp

Liebe Grüße


Aber gerne doch, sag Bescheid, wenn du dir etwas bestellst 🙂


Die Lippenstifte sehen echt gut aus 🙂 das Contouring-Kit im Grunde auch, allerdings bin ich da echt zu faul für im Alltag 😀 Farbige Augenbrauen Produkte habe ich zum Glück so gar nicht nötig *kicher*
Schmunzeln musste ich ja beim Marken Namen… Freedom? Das muss aus Amerika kommen :’D
(Und heimlich bin ich ein bisschen froh, dass ich nicht die Einzige zu sein scheine, der auch mal ein Lippenstift hinfällt :embarrassed: )
Liebe Grüße,
Svenja Ausverkauft recently posted…7 Sachen Sonntags – UrlaubsreifMy Profile


Und dabei kommt die Marke ganz einfach aus UK 😀

Der Lippenstift kam übrigens so bei mir an (hochgedreht in geschlossener Kappe); das Wenige, das von der Spitze fehlt, war es mir nicht wert, das ganze Set zu reklamieren 😉


Oh Gott, diese Versuchung… 5 Lippenstifte für 7€… Und dann auch noch so tolle Farben! :inlove:


Du willst es doch auch! 😀


Dank deinem Beitrag hier bin ich auf die Produkte aufmerksam geworden. Ich habe mir drei Sachen bestellt, die ich ich nun fotografieren und dann testen werde. ☺ lg


Ich wurde von den Brauenpuder mega enttäuscht – überhaupt keine Farbabgabe, selbst wenn ich mit dem Finger reingehe..
Schade das ich hier wahrsch. ein Montagsprodukt erwischt habe, denn die Pomenade liebe ich 🙂

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