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Quite some time ago I reviewed IsaDora as a brand, I did, however, put more emphasis on the products. I do want to pick up this idea again now and by utter coincidence I picked another Scandinavian brand.

A Family-run business from Denmark

The brand GOSH Cosmetics exists since 1945, founded as a pharmaceutical company by Einer Tjellesen. During the 1950s GOSH introduced cosmetics in their product line whilst working with many other brands as an agency. Only years later though, in 1979, GOSH Copenhagen started selling their own products. A very successful strategy, as it turns out. Today, GOSH Copenhagen is being exported in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Looking at its competition we are most likely noticing global players like the L’Oréal corporation – it seems even more impressive that the products aren’t just developed but also produced in Denmark. Due to GOSH’s long experience with resources and deliverers the brand stays on top of trends –

The GOSH brand identity aims to be playful, urban, edgy, rebellious and young,” Karina Ahm [Marketing and Communication Manager] adds. “Through that we aim to remain creative and innovative to produce excellent products and to create and build a strong brand and industry presence.”

Since both headquarters and production – including perfumes, hair and skincare, btw – are inside the EU the brand is cruelty free. GOSH products are alos parabene free and offers a great selection of vegan products, for example cosmetic brushes.

In 2015 GOSH Cosmetics officially changed its name to GOSH Copenhagen to further emphasise the origins of the company. Today, GOSH Copenhagen is still run by Einer Tjellesens son, Bo Tjellesen, with Bo’s children working in the family business as well.


I do have to admit I never realised that GOSH is still run as a family business and even runs its production in Denmark! A great plus in my book. The product line has a sleek monochrome design, elegant in mattefied black – I have to say I’ve never tried their perfumes or skincare before, hence my review being based solely on cosmetics.

Years ago I introduced the X-ceptional Foundation, the Foundation Drops and the Lumi Drops are still relatively new (more or less…) in my drawer – my impression so far regarding their face products is good, the Lumi Drops are a wonderful addition to mix into your foundation, sadly though, even GOSH’s scandi foundations appear to be just a smidgen too dark for me. I can wear them but mixed lighter they are even better.

GOSH Cosmetics foundations

More face products I discovered last year: Simply out of curiosity I started swatching in store – the slim choice of shades intrigued me – and without any expectations found a true drugstore gem!

The simple powder blushes, Natural Blushes, are just that – very simple, natural and soft colours in matte shades. Yet so incredibly fine that I could not leave Rose Whisper behind – the shade is a perfect mixture of rose and brown.

  • GOSH Cosmetics Blushes
  • GOSH Cosmetics Blushes swatches

You simply can’t overblush! As you can see I really, really got to love it. It might even be the first blush where the elusive hit-the-pan phenomenon actually becomes reality. It is so simple to apply and due to the matte finish just about every highlighter works with it. For a more intense result I usually apply it layered on top of the cream blush, prolonging the wear time as well. 

So, after I found such a blush gem I obviously had to check out more of the other products in the range. And what is bought even easier than blush? Lipstick, of course. How come lipsticks are so easily bought? I don’t know but I found out that GOSH lipsticks are no exception from the rule:

  • GOSH Cosmetics matte lipstick
  • GOSH Cosmetics matte lipsticks swatches

It started when I saw the Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt in Antique on Instagram – what an interesting, neutral shade! Not to mention the great soft-matte finish…oh and did I mention they smell more chocolate-y than the usual (gross) vanilla to me? Antique was bought, tried on and I was smitten – the tender-balmy feel on the lips and this shade…it seems so easy, elegant and put together. It even survives simple, small meals. So you see I had to purchase Smoothie as well. And we’ll see about the darker Raisin…because, reason…

In retrospect I find it rather interesting that even though I do own a couple eye products there are no classic eyeshadows among them. A mistake? A mistake I have to correct soon?

What I own is rather nice: The Eyebrow Pencil in Greybrown has been a favourite for a long time, the shade is a nice cool brown, doesn’t smudge and it comes with a spooly on one end (this pencil is my second one already).

GOSH Cosmetics eye make up

GOSH Cosmetics eye make up swatches

However, even better are the relatively new Forever Eye Matt Lidschattenstifte – I bought Dark Brown and Twisted Brown. And I love them. A quick make up would be an understatement, they are creamy but so long wearing. Blending Twisted Brown over the lid with a brush or even a finger, smudging Dark Brown along the lashline to create a very simple smoky effect, a lot of mascara et voilà! It lasts throughout very intense days, removes easily with micellar water anyway. Apropos brushes: Make sure to check out GOSH’s range of brushes, they have just about everything you really need.

GOSH Cosmetics make up

After such a detailed review I am probably most tempted myself to look at concealer, powder etc again. I am very curious to finally swatch the latest Contour ‘n Strobe Kits – if these highlighters are as finely milled as the blushes…! I obviously can’t vouch for every single GOSH Copenhagen product, what I have tried so far I liked so much I thought I could promote a sort of underrepresentated drugstore brand for once. 🙂

GOSH Copenhagen is available at Bipa, Superdrug and online at amazon.

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Has GOSH ever caught your eye? Do you have recommendations or de-commendations?


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Ich habe den schwarzen Kajal in Holland gekauft, ganz bewusst. Ich steh total auf schwarzen Kajalschaft statt holzfarbenem und zu der Zeit gabs kaum was am Markt.
Da war auch eine Foundation, die sehr hell war. Ich hatte mir gerade davor aber gerade eine gekauft + gothic weiß, war also versorgt.
Allgemein fand ich den Preis aber etwas hoch. 8€ hat mein Kajal gekostet, wieder kaufen würde ich mir also nichts von der Marke, einfach weil zu teuer.

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