Make Up Hygiene Schedule

For years my blogging life focused mostly on what I had recently purchased or what parts of my vast collection of eye shadow palettes.

A more intense recent work schedule and other interests such as “life offline” changed my priorities quite distinctly. The admittedly very large collection of drugstore products suddently felt suffocating. Something needed to be done and I finally got around to sell many boxes of decluttered make up just a few weeks ago. And I am glad! 

Glad, I could successfully decrease my collection and even gladder I did not have to throw away all that many products. 

Make Up Hygiene Schedule
Yes, this is how it is after a big declutter. Round 2 awaits!

Which is a very important part of this subject for me – being economical has been part of my life ever since my childhood. Therefore, trashing “still good stuff” is generally almost impossible. However, one must get rid of such thoughts swiftly and painlessly! 

It does help to accept that all the “still good to go” stuff already met their purpose by giving joy at purchase and use. 

Thinking about it, I am probably writing this post more for me than anyone else. However, I do believe it might help someone who would want to reduce their collection as well. 

The term hygiene is more than just cleaning and disinfecting – it’s also cleansing of both collection and ones mind.

Make Up Hygiene Schedule

Due to the daily grind I produced a “Cleaning Schedule” for my home – it has always been very helpful to me to write lists, tick things off and stay on the ball. (How often do you remember to wipte the fan hood?) 

Therefore: Why not use the same principle for make up? 



Clean your tools!

The very basic right away: Cleaning your hands, brushes, sponges and don’t forget your tweezers and lash curlers! The latter has been forgotten oh too many times, but that tool is probably closer to your eye than most of your make up! 

Sanitise your vanity!

The surface of your vanity surely sees more dust and product particles than your face (and in case you live in the city: Don’t forget the dirt from traffic!)…it looks way better and is definitely more hygienic.

Wipe your mirror!

You might not want to see it, but a dirty mirror is hard to ignore…I admit I simply store wipes for glasses in my drawers to avoid having to get up again! Let’s just be honest, a clean mirror makes your skin look so much better…


Deep clean your tools!

All the brushes and sponges get a proper scrub every six months, including topping it off with some alcohol spritz after. For quite some time I was all for not treating your brushes too harshly…but: I honestly rather buy a new brush every few years than living and working with product residue in my tools (it is convenient, however, hat all my tools are fairly cheap, I’d probably have a hard time repurchasing a €60 luxurious brush more than once…) 

Sanitise often used lipsticks!

This is one subject on my list I have to carefully remember myself: Just collect all the lipsticks that frequently find their way into your handbag and give them a wipe and alcohol spritzer. Not sure why but I my mind I’d like to compare it to fabric napkins – they need a clean after every use too! 

Keep track of easily expirable products! 

Btw: Liquid and gel products generally expire  quicker – definitely keep an eye on that mascara (hello pink eye). Even though you might feel bad tossing out seemingly good and non-empty mascara, I personally feel that six months of use should definitely draw the line. Same with lip glosses, eyeliners, cream eyeshadows…just keep track as they might start to smell weird or look off much faster than powder products. 


Personally I’ve grown to love this step. I could barely wait for July/August to come as I have been in a major decluttering mood for weeks. If you are only at the beginning of your decluttering journey, I think that tackling the collection every six months should be fair. 

Pro-Tipp (=helps me): Keep a cute empty box around and fill it with “so-so” products of one category. Colours and finishes you don’t immediately love and aren’t 100% convinced of. As we speak, I keep lipsticks on my vanity and try to use a different one every day. If I still don’t like it by the end of the working day – off it goes into the declutter box. 


Shake up nail polishes!

If you are one of the rare specimen of people who own more than five nail varnishes (cough), I am sure you know that problem: They separate. Just take a few minutes and shake all of them until they are mixed again. You can keep nail varnishes alive for way longer than you’d expect! 

Reevaluate your collection!

Speaks for itself.

So, you love all of your 13 highlighters equally? Keep! That sneaky 16th lipstick in rose just doesn’t make you “feel” it anymore? Time to toss it. None of those four bronzers are exactly what you really want? Maybe it’s time to get rid and invest in that product of dreams. 

If you followed this schedule and still feel overwhelmed with your collection – try another round of decluttering. Maybe be a little stricter and honest with yourself .

Make Up Hygiene Schedule

I have to pat myself on the back as I feel I am very much in control when I think about #thecollection now. Brushes, however, seem to be a completely different chapter! I store brushes that I currently use in my Malm drawer – see previously mentioned traffic dirt, ugh – but there is a not-so-secretive secret box full of “backup brushes”…#facepalm 

This brush box is going to be a project in itself. I do approve keeping 2 to 3 blending brushes, but does anyone “need” 10 different foundation brushes even though most people know which shapes and sizes they prefer? Mmh! 


So, what DO you need? Cast-iron will, of course!

Nope, simply the wish to change things should do it, the rest will follow. A few helpers like a good brush soap or soap are good to have as well, along with wipes for glasses (ahem mirrors), or make up wipes, alcohol, an  empty spray bottle is handy too, as well as an empty box or micro fibre cloths for cleaning.

Do you have a special routine to keep your collection “clean”? Let me know if you are stricter or like to experiment when decluttering!


A simple printable for you to download and pin:

Make Up Hygiene Schedule

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Sehr gut geschrieben, ich kann dir nur in allen Punkten zustimmen. Ich persönlich liebe es meine Sammlung von Zeit zu Zeit zu sortieren und unbenutzte Sachen einfach weiterzugeben bzw. auszumisten.

LG Samantha


Toller Beitrag! Aktuell packt mich so im 2 Wochentakt der Rappel und ich sortiere aus. Ich bin so übersättigt an den viele Produkten und mach mir sogar eine Schminkbox mit Produkten, die ich lang nicht benutzt habe um zu sehen ob ich sie noch mag/benötige.
Meinen Schminktisch wisch ich eigentlich jeden 2. tag ab. Ich benutz gern loses Puder und das sieht man immer sofort. Mein Tipp: einfach so eine leere Pumpflasche für Nagellackentferner mitPutzmittel oder sogar Desinfektionsmittel befüllen. Da kann man dann ganz easy ein Tuch oder grosses Wattepad tränken und den Tisch abwischen.
Bei meinen Pinseln bin och etwas nachlässig und ich hasse frisch gewaschene Gesichtspinsel auch total. ^^



Achja, mache ich leider auch viel zu selten. Großer Pinselwaschtag ist auch mal wieder dran und meine Sammlung müsste ich auch unbedingt mal sortieren. Danke fürs Erinnern :)! LG Sandri


Interessanter Post! Ich muss zugeben, dass ich neuen Produkten nur selten widerstehen kann… und dementsprechend vergrößert sich meine Make-Up-Sammlung auch ständig. Ich fühle mich aber schnell “überfordert” von meiner Auswahl. Vor allem wenn ich viele Lippenstifte habe und jeden dann quasi nur 1x im Monat benutze, habe ich Angst, dass sie mir kippen könnten und ich sie nur 2x getragen habe. Deswegen verschenke ich sie dann oft weiter, damit ich nicht mehr so unter Druck stehe 😀

Liebe Grüße!

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