Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon

Exactly one year ago. On the day. I have started writing this post and saved it as a draft. Every day when I sit down to do my make up I see this palette from the corner of my eye. This beautiful, never shown palette.

I have been drawn to On The Horizon right away, I mean look at the packaging! Back then, I only wanted to buy the Goodnight Sweetheart palette but since I had stumbled upon OtH without even looking for it…

Jetzt lesen: Sleek i-divine Eyeshadow palette Goodnight Sweetheart

So here it is. I have done various looks, photographed swatches…

And never showed it to the world. 

It is so pretty, though! I still very much like the orange-green combination, I do think these colours would go great with blue eyes as well, as they often look greener with shades like these.

Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon

Fall under autumn’s hypnotic spell! Feel the chill in the air and the sun’s glowing rays warming your face as you walk across a blanket of brilliant golden leaves. Fiery orange, forest greens and twilight blues help you nail simmering autumnal eyes.


“autumn’s hypnotic spell”, such a perfect description!

Brown shades mixed with intense orange and some green spots and a bright blue…isn’t this exactly what you’d expect from the golden autumn season? The more subdued colours are lovely all over the lid, the orange shades are obviously the eyecatchers.

Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon

Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon swatches

Even though Chestnut is not the first colour you would notice in this palette, the rich brown shimmer is a dream to work with, very smooth and pigmented. Bonfire obviously steals the show as a bright golden-orange duochrome. But how great is Dawn? That blue is even more intense when applied wet, slightly darker. Personally, I enjoy using it on the lower lashes for that famous pop of colour. Speakin of pop: Fawn is almost a pressed glitter, build it up or applz it lightly over other eyeshadows.

The “boring” shades are just fine, they swatch and blend beautifully with the stronger shadows in the palette. Nude shades are never extraordinary, though, are they? A well thought out addition in the palette is the least striking Beech – a matte nude, perfect for blending every look you could ever create. Having been a blogger, a make up lover for so long it still amazes me how vastly matte eyeshadows, even the light ones, have improved!

  FYI: My swatches are always created with a slightly dampened flat eyeshadow brush as I clean it with a make up wipe in between colours. I apply a colour about 2-3 times to reach full intensity. 


  • compact sturdy plastic
  • Fullsize mirror
  • 12 eyeshadows à 1,1g
  • 1 eyeshadow applicator
  • 3x matte • 1x duochrome • 8x shimmer

available at:

Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon comparison

The palette doesn’t present the  same colour scheme but is similar enough to remind me of the very old Jewels palette (who can remember that one?! Oh, how thought after it was!). There are definitely more reds than oranges in this one and it still contains the then obligatory matte black. And it shows I still always go for the sameish colours.


Nothing new, no breathtaking beauty breakthrough here – and yet: I like it. The palette itself is of great quality, as per usual, and the colours are absolutely seasonally perfect. I will definitely show a look with it, even if it kills me, ahh #procrastination!

  For autumn lovers and love-pops-of-colour wearers

  Not for the everyday nothing but nude beauty as 50% of the palette are intense colours 

Sleek eyesgadow palette On the Horizon

How do you like the Sleek On the Horizon palette?

Also check out my overview to most Sleek palettes (to be updated).

Sleek eyeshadow palette On the Horizon


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