Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

This birthday cake turned experiment was a successful concoction judging by the comments. I especially like how the whole thing just spends about 10 minutes in the oven, the fridge will do the rest!

Best in Beauty 2016

Even though I usually don’t shy away from colour I didn’t experiment too much the past year. Mainly due to my new job and early mornings. This collection here basically summarises my Malm drawer.
If it needs to be fast, it needs to be my best in beauty 2016.

Foundation Friday: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Second Skin. The HD Liquid Coverage Foundation offers a high but natural-looking coverage, while feeling extremely lightweight – just like a second skin. Whilst providing a smooth and even complexion, the ultra-liquid texture is extremely high performing and longlasting. It covers imperfections up to 24 Hours and mattifies the skin. The extremely high definition finish is sure to make the skin beautifully even and camera ready.

Sleek Make Up i-divine Palette Goodnight Sweetheart

It’s that time of the year again. Collection here, there everywhere!

And the jolly-tranquile word “Christmas” always resonates within every self-declared autumn collection.

So, Sleek Make Up is increasing their Limited Edition releases as well as soon as September approaches. I did inform you about their latest creations on my facebook page a while ago and without further convincing I went and got caught up in consumerism myself.

Mascara Monday: essence Forbidden Volume Rebel

no limit! dramatisches volumen ohne zu verklumpen. die forbidden volume rebel mascara erzielt durch die speziell konzipierte faserbürste mit abwechselnd kürzeren und längeren fasern noch intensiveres und sofortiges volumen.

August Favourites

September. Really let that sink in! Summer isn’t officially over, obviously, nonetheless, just letting that month’s name melt in your mouth does give nice autumnal vibes, don’t you think? It’s the best season after all. In my humble opinion. No more excessive sweating which makes every anyd any make up feel like a burden on the skin, dark lips and nails are back on trend and you won’t draw anyone’s attention anymore if you’re just naturally pale at any time of the year.

Matte is out. Oh My Gloss!

Lipgloss war bei seiner Erfindung in den 1920er Jahren durch Max Factor revolutionär und ein must-have – bislang waren Lippenstifte das einzige farbige Lippenprodukt. Eine leichte, sehr glänzende Lippenfarbe erorberte seit den 30er Jahren die Märkte.

Auch wenn diese Generation im Make Up Himmel aufwuchs – neue Farben, Texturen, Produkte fast wöchentlich – verbinde selbst ich noch sofort ein Wort, oder eher Gefühl mit Lipgloss: Klebrig.


Ich weiß. Ich weiß – niemand ist noch mit Colourpop “Neuigkeiten” hinterm Ofen vorzulocken!

Dennoch, weil ich eben mal wieder die letzte Person bin, die überhaupt ans Bestellen dachte und absolut nicht wusste, was mich nun wirklich erwartet, habe ich vielleicht ja etwas “Neues” zu sagen? Obwohl ich durchaus Swatches gegoogelt habe, habe ich es dabei belassen, um mir nicht selbst den Auspackspaß zu verderben.

July Favourites

Time is passing so quickly. I don’t just feel this way since my last birthday in July. Persönlich fühle ich mich ja einfach wie 23 und fertig, doch war es schon Wochen davor die Arbeit und das “Leben”, was mir einfach die Zeit und Energie raubte, um mich regelmäßig an den Laptop zu setzen. Der … Continue Reading

Brand Focus: GOSH Copenhagen

    Quite some time ago I reviewed IsaDora as a brand, I did, however, put more emphasis on the products. I do want to pick up this idea again now and by utter coincidence I picked another Scandinavian brand. I do have to admit I never realised that GOSH is still run as a … Continue Reading